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Apr 30, 2013 Issue

Education Resource

You May Not “Like” Social Media, But You Have to Deal With it As a Trader

In July 2012, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that his company had delivered over 1 billion hours of streaming video in a singe month for the first time ever. The statement sent the stock higher. It also raised eyebrows at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) because the announcement was made not in a press Read More »

Featured Article

Back to Basics of the Stock Market

Rally base drop, drop base drop, resistance, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, and on and on… All attempts to figure out where price will turn in a market. What makes Online Trading Academy different is that we don’t subscribe to anything related to conventional technical analysis. We don’t do this just to be different, we ignore conventional… Read More »


Taking a Bite Out of Apple

I am reflecting on an interesting day in the markets as I write this article. A hacked Twitter account belonging to the Associated Press triggered a panic in computerized trading that caused a massive drop in the markets. Apple released earnings and offered a mixed picture. The after-hours trading belied the thoughts of investors for… Read More »


You’re Fooling Yourself

Hello traders! One of the great things about being an instructor for Online Trading Academy is the fact that the head honchos let us instructors personalize our classes. Of course, we all teach and trade with the OTA core strategy, which you should know by now: trade with the bigger picture trend, wait for pullbacks… Read More »


Double Vertical – Part 2

In last week’s article, which you can read here, I demonstrated a double vertical spread. I used the bullish version, which is made up of an out-of-the-money bull put spread together with an out-of-the-money bull call spread. Today we’ll update and extend that example. This is a highly bullish position. It’s one you might use… Read More »


The Nerve to Win

As a huge sports fan, April is a great time of the year because two of my favorite sporting events happen during this month. First, the March Madness college basketball tournament finishes with the final four teams meeting for a chance at competing for the championship (and then of course the final game which is… Read More »

Real Estate

What Should I Look For if I Buy a Condo to Turn into Rental Property?

“I want to buy a condo and turn it into a rental property in three years. What should I look out for?” I had this question from a student not too long ago. Condominiums can be good rental opportunities depending on your strategy and if the property is purchased correctly. One of the things that… Read More »

Specialty Skills

How You Describe Your Results Can Help or Hurt

Change, when you need to get different results, is not only necessary but it is also difficult. Many of you have been getting results in your trading (and in your life) that are consistently discouraging, that is, not what you want. So the bottom line is that if this is you, then you must change… Read More »

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