Lessons from the Pros

Apr 23, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

A Bull Trap Shorting Opportunity Explained

The cheetah and the gazelle… the crocodile and the wildebeest… the polar bear and the seal… the professional trader and the novice trader… what do these four relationships have in common? One is the hunter and the other is the hunted. Polar Bears are white just like the icy snowy areas of the world they… Read More »


Candle Power

Trading is simple, but it is not easy! I always tell my students this in my classes. I also tell myself this while I am trading. Most people believe that since so few traders succeed and most end up losing money, that there must be some intricate strategy or high level education needed to become… Read More »


Looking Into The Futures

This week I have had the pleasure of teaching the Professional Trader class at the Philadelphia campus, welcoming another group of fantastic students to the Online Trading Academy and our core strategy of recognizing true supply and demand in any marketplace. The Professional Trader class focuses on executing live trades with real money in the… Read More »


Doing the Double Pump

One of the great things about trading options is the tremendous amount of creativity that can be used to create new ways to make money. Although there are a few dozen “standard” option positions that are listed in any option reference, these can always be combined to make positions that fit your exact outlook. One… Read More »


It’s Too Late After the House Burns Down

As I write this I am in beautiful Dubai where I am instructing the Professional Futures class. The entire Dubai Online Trading Academy staff has been very supportive and welcoming. The students are bright and eager to learn, making for a wonderful week in the classroom. I would invite any of our graduates to attend… Read More »

Real Estate

Holding Title to Real Estate and Transferring Title

I was sent a question asking about the implications of a parent transferring title of their home to their children. I’m happy to address the question, but I will preface my answer with a couple of things: 1) How you hold title has a bearing on the legal ownership and on transfer of the property… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Don’t Be Afraid to Imitate a Successful Trader

Carla leveled a deep sigh as she looked away from her screen. Actually, it was more like a moan, a moan that belied the pain of having violated another rule that she promised herself she wouldn’t. When she looked back around, there it was, an option trade that she had exited prematurely against her plan… Read More »

India Markets


Most traders are familiar with moving averages. They are a useful technical tool for identifying the direction and strength of a trend. However, most traders overlook a very useful characteristic of price that allows us to identify a trading opportunity using moving averages. That characteristic is elasticity. Prices are elastic. They will move away from… Read More »