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Apr 2, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

Losing to Win

My whole life, I have been very involved in sports. Ice hockey, soccer, golf, and tennis are the sports I love to compete in. Playing hockey at a high level, I learned how to win consistently. There were always teams in the league that would win consistently and others that would lose. When we would… Read More »


Stop Losses

A lot of traders wrestle with the question of what type of protective stops to place and how to place them. There are many different styles of stops that you can place. I think they are all beneficial. In fact the only one I do not agree with is the mental stop. I want to… Read More »


Lots of Diversification Under My Tin Foil Hat

Hello traders! On the first day of every Online Trading Academy class that I teach, everyone in the class introduces themselves: what is their name, what have they been trading, what are they looking to learn from the class, etc. Very often someone with trading experience will quickly delve deeply into a problem that they… Read More »


More Than One Way to Skin A Cat

In last week’s article, which you can read here, I wrote about creating an option position out of different ingredients. We started with a stock position, and then added a protective put for insurance. This combination is called a married put. Next we demonstrated that a simple call option had the same profit or loss… Read More »


Commodity Grain Trading Hours Changing, Again

I have mentioned many times before that a Futures trader must always be in the learning mode. Never feel like you know it all in the trading industry. The only constant is change. Today I am going to review with you the new trading hours for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CMEGroup)… Read More »

Real Estate

Some Interesting Stats and a Look at Leading Indicators

We haven’t looked at Leading Indicators for real estate since the end of 2012. Since it is spring (at least on the calendar) it’s a good time to see where we are starting the buying season for residential housing in 2013. Case-Shiller Home Price Indices: All three composites (10 city, 20 city and the National)… Read More »

India Markets

Indicator Filter

Successful traders rely on reading price movement itself in order to find and manage trades. Novice traders that often lose money depend on technical indicators to decide whether to buy or sell. Indicators are derivatives of price and/or volume and are therefore lagging. Our decisions are to be based on price itself and the indicators… Read More »

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