Lessons from the Pros

Apr 16, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

Risk Management Basics

One thing that is certain in anyone’s trading journey is losses. Even the best traders lose from time to time. What the best traders have in common, however, is that they are very professional losers. Knowing how to lose properly is a must to trade and be prosperous long term. This theme is also a… Read More »


Big Money Flow

As a student of Online Trading Academy, I was taught to watch the actions of the big brokers and to mimic them as they took money from the uneducated, naive investors and traders. As a trader and instructor, I live by this and continue to teach it in the classroom. The brokers and institutions are… Read More »


What Do We Have in Common?

Hello traders! It’s been another fun couple of weeks in the forex market since I last wrote this column. The EURUSD has moved up about 300 pips, essentially shrugging off the news about Cyprus. The USDJPY has moved up over 500 pips, proving that Japan’s central bank is winning the war of weakening currencies, not… Read More »


Wrapping Up Synthetics

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been writing about creating synthetic positions, which means making a position that looks like a call out of stock and puts, or vice versa. Today I’ll wrap up that topic for now, with an extension of last week’s discussion about conversions and reversals (which you can read here)… Read More »


Improper Knowledge Translates Into Bad Results

Trading is unlike any other profession in many respects. This is true, because of the multitudes that try doing this profession, very few ever garner the results they strive for. One aspect to this lack of success can be directly attributed to acquiring the wrong kind of knowledge. The fact is that most people that… Read More »

Real Estate

What Does It All Mean in “Real Estate Terms”?

Some of the questions I’ve been getting lately via email got me thinking that it’s time for a review of some basic real estate terminology and processes. This article will focus on many of the acronyms used in Real Estate. Next week we’ll talk about the different ways to hold title and transferring of title… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trading With a Laser Precision Focus to Cut Through the Noise

Debra’s heart jumped almost in the same manner as the green blast-off candle that kept rising on the 5 minute chart. It was on the NQ E-mini Futures, and she was dying to get in on what looked to her to be a sure thing. In fact, she heard herself saying, “This has money written… Read More »

India Markets

Framing Time

As a trader and an instructor, I am constantly being asked, “What time frame is best for trading?” The answer is a personal choice. There is no one time frame that stands out as being best for all traders. Just as we are all different as people, we all have different trading personalities. The main… Read More »