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Mar 26, 2013 Issue

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Charts and Time

In my early days, I was always fascinated by the gap in the financial system between those who know what they are doing and profit, and those who don’t and lose money. I found it really fascinating that big strong institutions made so much money and were correct most of the time. At the same… Read More »

Education Resource

Infographic: History of Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy had its origins at the birth of internet-based trading in 1997, and our history has paralleled some of the most dramatic economic turning points since then. The markets soared and swooned, the economy went from boom to bust and back again, but we kept on steadily growing into 34 worldwide centers and Read More »


Gauging the Reversal

I was teaching a Professional Trader course in our Philadelphia office a couple of weeks ago and was discussing the market action on the stock Ebay. The students were doing well in the class by shorting the stock during the week the Dow was making new record highs. We decided to look at the bigger… Read More »


Trade What You See, Not What You Think

Personally, it has been a pretty busy week for me and Online Trading Academy in London, and that’s the way I tend to like it. Sure, I like my downtime like most and when I want to switch off from work I do so, but to me there is nothing better than keeping my mind… Read More »


Option Algebra

Oh no, more math? Yes, but it’s worth it, I promise. And after all, options attract math geeks, so admit it – you’re a little curious, aren’t you? The kind of algebra I’m talking about lets us create any option position or underlying position we want out of something else. Believe it or not, there are… Read More »

Real Estate

Property Profile Report, Preliminary Title Report & Title Insurance – Part II

There are several things that go along with the process of purchasing real estate, whether it’s for personal use or investment purposes. One of the necessary parts of the buying or selling process is reviewing and understanding a property profile report, having clear title and title insurance. The purpose of a Title Insurance policy is… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Making the Internal Program Change that Makes the Difference

It had happened before, actually many times before. Jim looked on with a feeling that swung like a pendulum between helplessness and anger. He felt helpless because he had violated his rule despite the fact that he had so often said that he wouldn’t. He felt angry because he had let himself down. What happened… Read More »

India Markets

Too Little Too Late

In the courses I teach on trading, my students are often amazed at how little I rely on technical indicators as I trade. They usually come to the class with the preconceived notion that trading must be difficult since so few people actually succeed at it. Most believe that you need to use intricate, labor-intensive… Read More »

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