Lessons from the Pros

Mar 12, 2013 Issue


Driving and Trading

I often hear my students comparing trading to driving. Having driven a car in at least 10 different countries, I have realized that there is truly a parallel between trading and driving. The last thing we want to do is have a crash in either! So how do we prevent that? Risk management is the… Read More »


What Are YOUR Reasons?

It’s an exciting time right now at Online Trading Academy with the launch of the brand new 3-Day Market Timing Course. With this in mind I was given the inspiration for this week’s article material. As part of our new 3-Day class curriculum, we invite new students to a pre-class live Trade Plan Workshop webinar… Read More »


How Do They Know That?

Looking at an option chain, the sheer volume of data appears overwhelming. Besides price information, all the Greeks are calculated for every option, continuously, in real time. It’s no wonder that the listed options market couldn’t exist before 1973. There simply wasn’t enough computing power before then. When the CBOE did start listing options, it… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Success in the Trader Trenches Means You Must Trade to Win

The opening bell just sounded and you are putting on a trade. You’ve got your plan established…you’ll buy the demand level on the 60-minute chart of the NQ E-mini that you analyzed yesterday. The price action on the Globex chart is confirming the plan with an overnight low that coincides with the demand level that… Read More »

India Markets

What is the Real Problem?

Last week I was on a plane when one of the passengers started to feel very ill. It was not a normal air sickness and eventually the flight attendants asked if there was a doctor or nurse on the flight. A doctor was able to stabilize the woman until paramedics met the airplane at our… Read More »