Lessons from the Pros

Feb 5, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

Equity Index Futures

There are many quality futures markets around the world. We trade most of the big ones at Online Trading Academy. However, the most popular futures markets are the Equity index futures. While they all move in the same direction, there are differences in them that allow traders to match these markets to their personalities. Below… Read More »


Program Trading and the Markets

While teaching a Professional Trader course in Minneapolis this week, I was demonstrating a technique where I can accurately predict the morning reversal of the S&P 500 Index due to arbitrage opportunities. In continuing the discussion with the class, I then realized that I had stumbled onto an odds enhancer for intraday trading under certain… Read More »


Which Do You Hate More?

Hello traders! A common phrase in sports that has been attributed to several people is: “I hate losing more than I love winning.” In the sporting world, the meaning is pretty obvious – you basically expect to win, if you lose there is an unexpected and negative outcome which you apparently dislike. But how does… Read More »


Going Vertical

Today we will begin to look at Vertical Spreads. These strategies can be useful on their own in any of three different ways: as a leveraged directional trade (betting on underlying price moving); as a volatility trade (betting on Implied Volatility [IV] to rise or fall); or as an income generator, purely to collect time… Read More »


Is Too Much Bullishness Good for Short Sellers?

As many of you already know, since the beginning of the year the stock market (which we will define as the S&P 500) has been steadily rising. In fact, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have been the laggards. The Russell 2000 (small cap index) continues to carve out new all-time highs almost daily, and the… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Practice, Practice, Practice – Part I

Think back to when you were a child. Did you have a game that you especially liked playing? It doesn’t matter really what game you enjoyed, but one thing is certain: if you became very good at it you enjoyed it more. The better you were at it, the more fun you had when playing… Read More »

India Markets

Where Is The Top?

With the Sensex breaking 20000 and the Nifty making significant highs, many investors are wondering if the markets will be able to take out the previous highs. Investors are eagerly awaiting the budget to see if the markets will indeed continue their bullish run after the recent basing. The best thing we can do as… Read More »