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Feb 26, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

Will 3 Billion Dollars Change Your Mind?

I have been involved with the markets for almost 20 years. I started on the institution side of the business but have spent much more time trading and building education content for the retail trader world. While I truly feel I am speaking the truth when it comes to the supply and demand strategy, I… Read More »


And the Insanity Continues

As I write this article, the US equity markets experienced their largest drop of 2013. The media reported that the cause was traders’ reaction to the release of the Federal Reserve meeting minutes. In the minutes, the central bank said that they may have to slow down or even end Quantitative Easing early. If you… Read More »


Shutting Out the World

Another week passes and unsurprisingly there is more volatility and more ups and downs in the currency markets than ever. With more talk on changes in policy regarding Quantitative Easing from the Fed and German Flash PMI figures falling low, is it any surprise to see both the equity and currency markets jumping from one… Read More »


Turn, Turn, Turn

To everything, there is a season. Seasons change. For quite a while now, the general level of implied volatility (IV) has been very low. But with last week’s sharp sell-off, IV ticked upward. The strategies we use when IV is just low-ish are different from the ones we use when IV is very low. I… Read More »


Can Futures Act as an Odds Enhancer for Trading ETF’s ?

The first asset class everyone learns about (at least those that have enough disposable income to invest) is stocks. This is in large part because the mainstream media in their reporting only mention the stock market, and sometimes the cash price of oil and gold are given a two-second review. This prime-time coverage, albeit small… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Beware of Negative Default Patterns, They Can Destroy Your Trading

The look on Max’s face told the story…and it did not have a happy ending. His plan had been based on the price within the Bollinger Bands® regressing to the mean after hitting a supply zone, which was supported by a 20 period EMA at the bottom of that supply zone. The setup actually was… Read More »

India Markets


As I was looking through Facebook the other day, I noticed a student that had posted a comment about their takeaway from a trading expo they attended. The student commented that one “expert” said that Fibonacci is a terrible tool to use for market prediction while another claimed to have forecasted many market tops and… Read More »