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Feb 19, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

Out-Thinking Your Competition

Often, I write articles about the importance of having or owning a competitive edge. It is amazing to me that people in general focus very little on this most important topic. Most traders read trading books and learn to buy and sell where everyone else who reads the books buys and sells, which ensures they… Read More »


I Can Be Wrong, But I Can’t Afford to Be Stubborn

No one is perfect. One of the problems with newer traders is that they think they must be right on every trade or else they will not succeed in trading. This is so far from the truth. In fact, trying to be right all of the time will cause you to either miss out on… Read More »


Which Dirty Shirt Today?

Hello traders! You know it. I know it. It seems as though most people don’t get it. The economies of the major currencies out there are in bad shape. If you listen to the talking heads on the major business channels on television, things have turned the corner and are getting better. “The stock market… Read More »


Verticals – Under and Out

This week we’ll continue following our GLD vertical spread example, and show an illustration of how to plan and execute an exit from a trade that doesn’t do what we wanted. Our example is the 156/160 March Call Spread on the ETF called GLD that we discussed at the end of last week’s article (you… Read More »


The Exit is Just as Important as the Entry

In trading and investing, most of the focus is placed on entering trades with very little regard as to when to exit or close these trades. How can I say this with certainty? Is it not a fact that most investors make money in bull markets and then give back the majority of their gains in… Read More »

Real Estate

How Much Do You Know About a HUD 203(k) Loan?

When you go to get conventional financing, a lender won’t close on the loan unless the condition of the property is enough to ensure the loan. What this means is that a property that needs work (maybe as simple as toilets and fixtures) would be out of reach for many buyers because they don’t have… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Knowing the Order Flow is Critical to Your Trading

Tom was waiting, patiently… at first. Then as time went by, one hour turned into four… and he had not made a trade. His emotional balance turned to instability as his patience withered and anxiety began to creep in. Then it happened. On the two-minute chart of the ES a “blast-off” candle appeared. His heart… Read More »

India Markets

Wasted Time?

There is a lot of pressure for new traders to profit from trading immediately. Most of this pressure is self-imposed. The newer trader may feel that they need to “pay off” their trading education or computer equipment as soon as possible from trading profits. This will often lead to them falling into one of the trader traps that will likely destroy their account: overtrading! Read More »

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