Lessons from the Pros

Dec 31, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

The Cycle of “IT” – Revisited

It is time to revisit an ever important topic. I have been in the trading and trading education world for many years. This has allowed me to watch traders grow at different levels and reach different levels of success, and failure. I have often wondered and speculated on the difference between those who achieve… Read More »


Base Vs. Pivot

Students always have a lot of questions. The ones who take their education seriously are the ones who seek answers for them. I always enjoy receiving emails from my students. It is a way for me to stay sharp as an instructor as well as stay connected to those I have chosen to help by… Read More »


12 New Months – 12 Solid Rules: Part 1

As the year of 2013 draws to a close, many traders around the world are getting their plans together and in order to tackle the markets with a new sense of enthusiasm in 2014. For some it has been a good year and for many, an uphill struggle. Simply the best way to tidy things… Read More »


Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…

Last week I began discussing “rolling” an option position. “Rolling” means closing out part or all of an existing option position, and simultaneously replacing the closed-out portion with a similar one. The replacement position is different from the original in strike price(s), expiration date(s), or both. I began with a simple example of a short… Read More »


Interesting Events in Interest Rates

As I write this article it is Christmas Eve. To some this may seem a strange way to spend the day before Christmas. Yet, one of the ways I have survived trading for so many years is to have a true passion for what I do. This means a lifetime commitment to continuous education and… Read More »

Real Estate

Ring Out the Old and Goal in the New

The New Year gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past year and to get prepared for what’s next. We have a chance to set some goals and put the strategies in place to achieve them. I don’t personally believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I believe in reviewing and setting goals for the coming… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Language Can Make the Difference between Winning and Losing

The New Year, no matter what culture or religious background that you come from, is a time for reflection and renewal. It’s an opportunity to examine your purpose, goals and objectives to determine how well you did this past year and what may need to be modified or completely changed for the upcoming year. Many Read More »

India Markets

Back to the Basics

From time to time I discuss more advanced trading tactics and even technical indicators that I feel may enhance a newer trader’s ability to read price. However, you must realize that these techniques are designed to help you with identifying the price levels for trading. They are not to be your sole decision making process… Read More »