Lessons from the Pros

Dec 3, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

Governing Dynamics of Trading

Recently, I wrote a piece that explained the importance of being aware of the psychological traps that lead to poor trading and investing decisions. What I try to focus on most in articles are the irrefutable laws and principles of supply and demand. Furthermore, I attempt to show with real trades from our students and… Read More »


Tuning Risk

Any time you open a trade you accept the risk that comes with trading. As a trader or investor, we cannot control the directions of the markets. We also cannot control whether we will win or lose in any position we take. The only thing within our control is the amount of loss we will… Read More »


Level To Level Trading

Over the last few weeks worth of articles I’ve taken a fresh approach to some of the classical forms of analysis. We have looked at some practical uses of tools such as moving averages and trend lines, in ways that can help us as objective traders using price action first and foremost, as a reason… Read More »


More Uses for Puts

In last week’s article, which you can read here, I wrote about buying long-term put options as a part of a long-term investment strategy. These can be used to protect a long stock position; or as a part of various other strategies. The attraction of buying the long-term puts was that they were cheap. Today… Read More »


Generating Income Does Not Come Without Risk

Trading Futures contracts is generally referred to as generating Income. While investing in Stocks or Options can be considered Wealth building. The major difference is how long you plan to hold each transaction as an open position. The longer you hold a position, investing or swing trading the more opportunities you have of increasing your… Read More »

Real Estate

Where is the Real Estate Market at and Where is it Going?

We have not looked at Leading Indicators for real estate since spring and it’s getting close to the end of 2013. Let’s see where things are and where they may be headed in 2014. I am using more graphic representations than usual thanks to The US Economic Outlook Report by Beacon Economics, dated October 2013… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Being Thankful for the Things That Matter Most

As I write this, it is the week of Thanksgiving in the US. The concept of giving thanks and setting aside a special day specifically for this is ubiquitous around the world and it is celebrated all throughout the year. In the US, Canada and several other nations this special day is actually called “Thanksgiving.” Read More »

India Markets

Relatively Speaking

Most traders depend on technical indicators to decide whether to buy or sell stock. Online Trading Academy instructors stress in their courses that the indicators are derivatives of price and/or volume and therefore are lagging. Our decisions are based on price itself, and the indicators can be used to help support our decisions but should… Read More »