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Dec 24, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

Supply, Demand, and the Fed

During our development years, we are taught/conditioned to think certain ways. Our years in grammar school, high school, and university are key belief system building years. One of the major conflicts during these years occurs when we are taught how to buy stocks and then how we are taught to buy and sell anything else… Read More »


I Learned All I Needed to Know About Trading From the Boy Scouts

Well, maybe not everything. Participating in the Boy Scouts is a rite of passage for many young men. I remember the meetings, the Pine Wood Derbies, Merit Badges, and the camping trips. As a member of the Scouts, I had lot of fun while learning life lessons which I carry with me to this day… Read More »


More Stops on Options

An option strategy often involves multiple individual positions, or legs. Last week’s example was a covered call, which has two legs: a long stock position and a short call position. If we want to completely exit the strategy, we need to close all of the individual positions. In the case of the covered call, that… Read More »

Real Estate

Last Minute Ideas for Your 2013 Tax Return

I have been a real estate investor and educator since 1993, however my career began with a degree in accounting and a five year assignment to the tax department of a national accounting firm. Therefore, I still keep apprised of the tax laws and how they can work. No investing decisions should be made based strictly Read More »

Specialty Skills

Awareness is on the “What Matters Most” List

You may have realized that when you get a trade “result” it stems from three variables and how they interplay with one another. The first variable is thought. Thoughts are things and they are comprised of a number of components; for instance, internal pictures, beliefs, biases and values. Do you remember this saying? Read More »

India Markets

A Little Help

Technical indicators that we place on our charts simply offer a different perspective of past and current price action. These indicators are helpful, but are also lagging as they depend on past price or even need a current close before sending a signal. Online Trading Academy Graduates know that for the best trading opportunities, you… Read More »

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