Lessons from the Instructors

Nov 26, 2013 Issue


The Accidental Investor

Have you ever held on to a losing position, just hoping and perhaps praying that it would turn around? How long were you willing to hold that position? Did the pain ever get so great that you actually had to accept the loss and move on? The trader’s definition of an investment is a day Read More »


Testing the Tools

Hello traders! I am currently enjoying the fantastic weather of southern California, enjoying my last class of the year in our Northridge office. I am taking the next few weeks off from teaching until mid-January. This week I am teaching a futures class, and today the topic of additional “things” on your charts came up… Read More »


Putting Away Puts

Last week, the S&P 500 notched another record high. The new Fed chair has indicated that she’s ready to continue printing money until hell freezes over. No one knows how long the present rally will continue. The one thing we do know is that it will not be forever. Implied volatility (IV) measures the expectations…
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How to Turn a Stop Loss of $150 into a $400 Loss

Most traders would want to read an article about how to turn $150 into $400. But then most traders lose money trading Futures. Why? This is because they focus on how much money they can make and not managing their risk first. Professional traders always manage risk first by figuring out where they are wrong… Read More »

Real Estate

A Time to Give Back and Be Thankful

For the first time in my life, I will spend Thanksgiving out of the country. Even though I will be off the continent, I will still be thinking about the gifts that I am thankful for everyday back home in the USA, such as innovation, embracing diversity and generosity (just to name a few). That… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trading Is Best When You Are Aligned

Daniel did what he thought was going to get him a profit…he moved his stop! The price action was moving perilously close to the stop loss he had put 4 ticks above the distal supply zone line that was drawn on the 60 minute YM E-mini chart. When he saw this, his heart began to Read More »

India Markets

Moving Averages, Which One?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the use of moving averages as an odds enhancer (Average Odds Enhancer). In my article, I randomly selected several averages to use. I have since received several emails asking if there is a way to identify the “best” moving average length to use for a particular study. I… Read More »