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Nov 19, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

Have You Become Your Group?

I was speaking to a colleague of mine at Online Trading Academy the other day, talking specifically about what she thought were some of the most important things in the development of a consistently profitable trader. In her opinion, “community” was a component that is missing for traders. This got me thinking. When I started… Read More »


Sniffing The Zones

This week, I have to give credit to one of my students from the Philadelphia office, Ed O’Neil. Ed came up with a phrase that best describes a phenomenon that occurs often in the markets. In the class, we had identified many excellent trading opportunities based on the Online Trading Academy core strategy. The problem… Read More »


The Challenge of a Trendline

In my article from two weeks ago, I explored some objective uses of the technical indicator, “What’s My Averge?” If you are a regular reader of this piece, you’ll know that everything we do at Online Trading Academy begins with our core strategy. While technical indicators do have a use in trading and analysis, everything… Read More »


Options Mailbag

Occasionally, I use one of these columns for answering questions that readers ask. We have a couple of interesting ones today. Question: I heard that when I sell an option short, I should always immediately put in a good-til-canceled order to buy to close it at $.05. I have observed that some option contracts do… Read More »


A Few Steps in the Process

Successfully speculating in the financial markets can be extremely challenging; this is due to all the unknown factors that are continuously present in the markets. The nature of markets is that nothing is ever certain, and things can change very quickly. For us, mere mortals, the concepts of risk, change and uncertainly can be extremely… Read More »

Real Estate

What Keeps People From Purchasing A Home Or Investment Real Estate?

“If real estate is a sound investment what keeps people from purchasing either a home or investment real estate?” This was a question from an Online Trading Academy student and I thought that it would be an excellent subject for an article. I’ve identified 5 main fears or objections. 1. Property Value Loss – We are… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Fear of Success

Jason felt like a deer caught in headlights. The unnerving thing about it was that he have been down this road before. He would identify a demand zone on the 60 minute chart where the price action was pulling back to retest this zone. A 5 minute time frame would be used to execute an… Read More »

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