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Oct 29, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

Key Questions From You

I have been writing articles for many years and over that time, many of you have sent questions. While your questions have provided great ideas for articles and I do my best to answer them for you, I thought I would share some recent key questions that may help you achieve your financial goals. Hi… Read More »


Running on Fumes

As traders we all want to find the highest probable turning points in the markets. At Online Trading Academy, our students learn how to find them through the discovery of high quality supply and demand zones. In addition to the zones, there are several Odds Enhancers that we teach that traders can use to increase… Read More »


When You Are Bored Making Money

Hello Traders! Catchy title, isn’t it? That is a phrase I use in the Online Trading Academy classes that I teach when the discussion comes up about risk management in your trading account. As you may have heard, discipline is an extremely important personality trait to have to be a successful trader. Some have even… Read More »


Picturing Option Profits – Part 3

In last week’s article, which you can read here, I discussed Gamma and option payoff diagrams. I showed a price chart of GLD, and an option payoff diagram for a November 130/135 Bear Call Spread, which are reproduced below. I left you with these cliff-hanging questions: Do we want high Gamma or low Gamma? Positive… Read More »


What Does Smart Money Do To Be Deserving Of Its Name?

It is not a mystery that in the financial markets, there are two distinct groups. Those that make money a large portion of the time: banks and institutions, and on the other side, the general trading and investing public. These folks tend to struggle to keep up with market returns, at best, or end up… Read More »

Real Estate

Banker, Direct Lender, Credit Union, Mortgage Broker, and More

The order of purchasing real estate (in my experience) should be 1) Knowing what you can afford, 2) Being pre-qualified for funding (if needed), 3) Deciding on a location, and 4) Finding a property to buy. Not everyone follows this process; working in any other order can delay if not derail a purchase. Let’s focus… Read More »

Specialty Skills

A Mastermind Group Can Be a Powerhouse to Your Trading

A lot was happening to the price action on the 15 minute ES E-mini chart, it was surging upward. Stan looked at it closely and blew a big sigh because he was in a short which was prompted by a level upon level supply zone that he had identified on the 60 minute time frame… Read More »

India Markets

The Right Direction

When I am teaching courses at Online Trading Academy, I often see students struggling with which trade direction they should take each day. There is a simple solution for this that is often overlooked. Trade the trend. Trading is a lot like catching a train. You must first decide which train will take you to… Read More »