Lessons from the Pros

Oct 15, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

What Matters Most

I am going to suggest something today that some people won’t be able to do and others will disagree with. A few others, on the other hand, will be able to do this and are already doing it in the Extended Learning Track (XLT), our online trading program at Online Trading Academy. One of… Read More »


Don’t Be The Sucker

I have a friend, I’ll spare him the embarrassment of mentioning his name here, who always seems to buy and sell stocks at the wrong time. He watches a lot of TV and gets excited at the prospects of becoming rich quickly from any publicly traded company that happens to make the news. It struck… Read More »


“But Don’t You Think It Will…”

Hello traders! Like many of my articles, this one was inspired by a question a student asked in class. The question seemed simple enough, but like many simple questions, the underlying thoughts that went into form the question hinted at some major problems. As this class of students in the beautiful city of Atlanta… Read More »


Picturing Option Profits – Part 1

I often use option payoff graphs to illustrate these articles. These are also known as risk graphs or position charts. All the terms mean the same thing – graphing the profit or loss of an option position versus the price of the underlying asset. Learning to read these graphs is very important. Once you get the… Read More »


The Essence of Low Risk Trading

A common perception among the general retail investing, and trading public, is that in order to garner large profits you must take on big risk. So where does this view come from? Who perpetuates it? And is it necessarily true? Let’s tackle the first question: only high risk to get high reward. This view comes… Read More »

Real Estate

The Art of Good Negotiating: A Must-Have Tool

This past week Online Trading Academy had its annual conference for employees, instructors and owners. It was truly inspiring. Here at Online Trading Academy we believe deeply in providing all the tools so that our students can be successful. Negotiating skills are an important tool in Real Estate. Here are a few strategies that you … Read More »

Specialty Skills

Relationships, Like Your Trading, Must Be Managed

This past week I was at a conference with my Online Trading Academy colleagues. A young woman engaged me in conversation about a challenge she was having with her boss. She shared that she felt that her boss was treating her somewhat like a child and that it was creating some difficulties for her in… Read More »

India Markets

Volatility As An Odds Enhancer

Volatility is a measurement of how far the price of a security might move in the future. If there is high volatility, then there should be large swings in price and fast movement. When volatility is low, prices are expected to remain relatively stable. Investors dislike volatility and would rather place their money into a… Read More »