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Jan 8, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

The Path of Least Resistance

Sir Isaac Newton was born in England in 1642 and is considered one of the greatest scientists and mathematicians that ever lived. He lived for 85 years. In college, he had strong ideas about motion and broke them down into three laws which I will explain in simple terms below. Law 1: An object… Read More »


Bigger Winners

A common mistake that novice traders and investors make is to add to their losers. I have addressed this problem before and explained why it is not a profitable strategy in the long term. However, since we cannot add to losers, what about adding to our winning trades? In the courses at Online Trading Academy… Read More »


My Favorite Market

Hello traders! This week I’d like to introduce the spot forex market to anyone considering a new or even a first market to trade. I’ll do a basic intro to what the spot market is, and then give a few reasons why I think everyone should trade this terrific market. First of all, what is the… Read More »


Beyond Straddles and Strangles

Recently I’ve been writing here about Straddles and Strangles. These are the most well-known and straightforward strategies (but not necessarily the best ones) for situations where we believe that: 1. There will be a large change in the price of the underlying asset, which could be in either direction; 2. Implied Volatility is very low… Read More »


It’s The Changes That Produce Results

With a new year comes new resolutions for us to pursue. Better fitness levels, weight loss, a new career perhaps, and of course, making more money are some of the more common resolutions made at the beginning of every year. I think it’s great that a change in the calendar provides an impetus for many… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Thoughts Are Things

Tracy had been losing for what seemed to be forever, and he felt it. Not just in his emotions, where he experienced anger, fear, anxiety, heavy self-doubt and constant worry, but he also felt it in his body. He had developed one digestive ailment after another. Additionally, he was living with constant pain in his… Read More »

India Markets

Speaking Volumes

Volume can give many clues as to the strength of price movement and even information as to the thoughts and actions of the masses involved in a security. The conventional wisdom for volume tells us that we need increasing volume, or at least steady volume, in order to maintain a trend. Weakening volume could signal… Read More »