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Jan 22, 2013 Issue

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Sleight of Hand

I will never forget the first time I saw David Copperfield live in Las Vegas. I actually sat in the front row, near the middle. While I was excited to see him perform, like everyone else, I wanted to really figure out “how he did it.” I was so confident that with my great seats… Read More »


Supply and Demand, Isn’t That Support and Resistance?

While teaching a Professional Futures Course in San Jose last week, I received lots of compliments from returning students on the high quality of our more recently published course material. These students are retaking the Professional Trader Course as well as the futures course after having been gone from Online Trading Academy’s family for many… Read More »


It’s Certainly Not MY Fault!

Hello traders! A diary of a failed (hypothetical) trader: Monday morning journal entry: Here it is, another cold day in forex land. I wonder who is going to hunt my stop loss today? If it isn’t one of those dirty dealing desk traders, I’m sure the reason for my loss today is going to be… Read More »


More on Backspreads and P/L Diagrams

Last week I wrote about Backspreads as a strategy that could be used as an alternative to Strangles and Straddles. This week we’ll look a little deeper, and along the way we’ll take a good look at diagramming as a way to visually analyze a trade. The Backspread is a particularly good example for that… Read More »


Natural Gas Thursday

In the futures markets the leverage component inherent in these contracts can be seen as dangerous, and something to avoid by some. However, others welcome the volatility that’s generated by these derivative products. Why is there such a disparity in perceptions? It’s quite simple: Those that know what they’re doing (have a proven strategy) embrace… Read More »

Real Estate

Want to Be a Real Estate Investor But Do it Differently?

We’ve talked about REITs before, but there is a new emerging REIT: the single-family REIT. Let’s first review how a REIT works. A REIT is defined by Investopedia as: “A security that sells like a stock on the major exchanges and invests in real estate either through properties or mortgages. REIT’s receive special tax considerations… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Accountability Is Crucial To Your Trading…Are You?

A chill went through her body. Mary couldn’t understand what was happening, and waves of frustration, confusion and loathing rippled through her as she struggled to make sense of why the stock she was trading had plummeted. Daily Briefings gave a good report on the stock and a CNBC analyst was bullish on the stock… Read More »

India Markets

Are You Diversified?

Last week I opened the discussion on diversification through ETF’s. Most investors have been told to diversify their portfolio. They think if they buy companies that are in different industries that they will be covered if there is some adversity in the markets. The problem is that they do not fully understand the risks in… Read More »