Lessons from the Pros

Aug 27, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

Profit Zones

All market speculators share the same goal, which is to enjoy consistent low-risk profits. To accomplish this goal, you must be able to identify market turning points and market moves in advance with a very high degree of accuracy, as this is the only way to attain low-risk and high-reward entries into market (trading) positions… Read More »


August Market Update

There has been much debate by the talking heads about whether the current bull-run in equities is coming to an end. Rather than debating the Fed’s potential “tapering” or other events, I choose to focus on what really matters, the charts. The S&P 500 Weekly chart has been retreating from all time highs. Since we… Read More »


A Simple Trick With A Simple Tool

As many of my readers will know from my previous pieces, I like to focus the majority of my trading analysis on nothing more than price itself. To me and my fellow instructors at Online Trading Academy, all indicators are nothing more than a result of price movement. To solely rely on a technical indicator… Read More »


Beware of Markets With Suspended Trading Hours

This weekend I was reflecting back on my trading history and some of the many changes I have seen in the Futures markets. August 2013 marked 26 years of Futures trading for me. The memories of how the markets were traded in the past only made me realize how important it is to always be… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Successful Traders Practice

Darla was as frustrated as a grounded kid during a holiday weekend. She looked at the Demand Zone trade that she had taken. It was on the NQ. She had established her levels and the price action had taken a drop-base-drop into a fresh DZ. She even looked at her odds enhancers from which she… Read More »

India Markets

Market Tricks

Prior to joining the Online Trading Academy team, I had a brief stint as a trader for a retail stock brokerage in the United States. As a trader, I was charged with executing the brokers’ orders from their customers. I was to work the orders and try to gain some advantage for the brokerage in… Read More »