Lessons from the Pros

Sep 5, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

What Kind of Pony are You?

If you are a one time frame trader, you are like the one-trick pony. As soon as another pony comes along with two tricks, the one-trick pony can’t compete. In trading, one time frame active traders simply can’t compete with those who view and quantify the markets entire supply and demand picture… Read More »


The Risk Radio

Sovereign debt, falling gold prices, Euro worries… there is a lot of talk in the news about risk. However, as a trader/investor, risk can mean something different. There are two types of risk we must face in the markets. The first is considered an opportunity, as seen in the current risk issues facing the… Read More »


The Holy Grail

Hello traders! This week I’d like to discuss a topic that everyone is aware of, but seemingly many new traders don’t take very seriously. That topic is risk management. In every Online Trading Academy class that I teach, I ask the simple question: “What is the Holy Grail in trading?” Numerous answers come up, from… Read More »


Options for Newbies – Part 1

Options are by far the most versatile trading instrument. There is a lot of money to be made with them, if you do it right. They can be used like an insurance policy, like a lottery ticket, like a bank CD, and many other things besides. And unlike anything else, used in a certain way… Read More »


Show Me the Money!

If anybody has watched the Suze Orman show on late night CNBC you have heard the phrase “show me the money!” She takes audience phone calls and people ask her if they can afford to buy a particular object. She either approves or declines their request based on the financial information they have submitted. Perhaps… Read More »

Specialty Skills

A Strong Enough “Why” Will Take Your Trading to the Top

Paulo breathed a heavy sigh as he thought about the next day’s preparation. He was still attempting to recover from today’s session, which was emotionally whipping him as my grandfather used to say, “like he stole something!” He felt fragmented and frustrated; and he knew that his research and preparation for tomorrow’s trading was… Read More »

India Markets

Proper Planning

Continuing with my theme from last week, I decided to expound upon the trading plan. In last week’s article I mentioned being able to diagnose problems with your trading in order to repair it. To be able to identify the problem, it is critical that you have consistent trading so that you can see what… Read More »