Lessons from the Pros

Sep 25, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

A Little Level Goes A Long Way

Each day, my team and I produce supply and demand levels for some of the major global markets as you can see below. These levels are meant for both short and long term trading, and are found in the Mastermind Community at OTA. The screen shots below are the supply and demand level grids… Read More »



There is a saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” By using that definition, Ben Bernanke is insane! A couple weeks ago, the Federal Reserve Chairman announced the official start of Quantitative Easing part three. The obvious question one should ask is, “If… Read More »


Four of The Best

At the time of writing this article, I am just coming to the end of teaching the Professional Trader Class in London. As usual this has been another week of rewarding experiences, with the students learning the true ways in which the markets work and discovering how to carry out objective analysis, create a proper… Read More »


Buy to Close @0.05 and Then…

This article aims to reveal some of the possible options a trader has once one short side of an Iron Condor is exited after buying back that obligation. Basically, the short Iron Condor has the expectation that the underlying will stay within a given range. The Bear Call spread carries a margin as… Read More »


How to Make a Cash Withdrawal From the Markets

I know many of you read that title and thought maybe I was going to disclose that magical “get rich quick” secret trading strategy that everybody is looking for. Trust me, there is no such secret. The sooner a trader realizes that, the sooner they can begin trading successfully. This article is going to… Read More »

Real Estate

Wisely Invest in Real Estate Out of Your Local Area

There are mostly positive indicators that both the residential and commercial markets are on the move to the upside, although slow. I see that mom and pop investors are starting to make their way back into the market, and many are interested in investing out of their local area. I’d like to share a… Read More »

Specialty Skills

What You Are Thinking Can Cause You to Win or to Lose

It was a cause for celebration, though to the casual unaware observer there didn’t seem to be much to be happy about. But Saundra knew better. Yes, the trade was stopped out for a small loss and there had been a number of them. In the past Saundra would have all but freaked out… Read More »