Lessons from the Pros

Sep 11, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

You Already Have a Trading Style

You already have a trading style, it’s your belief system. Whether that is the trading style you end up with or not depends on whether you change your belief system or not, and this is not an easy task. Moves in markets are a result of mass psychology. We make money in the markets by… Read More »


Holding On

I was working with one of my Forex students in London last week after class. The student had taken a large loss in his trading account and was now taking very small gains. He knew that he was making great entries but kept fearing losing any gains so he was cutting them short. This is… Read More »


Two Perspectives – One Meaning

I have lost count of the amount of times somebody has asked me what the single best indicator in technical analysis is. Up until the point of asking that specific question, it is usually the case that the person has already tried and tested pretty much every indicator and trading technique which they could get… Read More »


Credit Spreads, Commissions and Watch Lists

Occasionally I write articles answering students’ questions on various topics regarding options trading, and I will do so this week. First I will address a student’s concerns regarding commissions when it comes to credit spreads. Then I will address a question about watch lists and how many lists options traders really need to be successful… Read More »


Thinking Too Much?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it was critical for you to make a decision in a relatively short amount of time? Most of us have at one time or another. This may have been when making a major purchase and the item you were about to buy was on sale, or… Read More »

Real Estate

What Leading Indicators Say About the Residential Real Estate Market

Both sales and prices are on the rise from all of the data we currently have. National median home prices have grown by 2.3 percent for the month of July. When the NAR (National Association of Realtors) breaks down the numbers, we see an increase of 2.1 percent for SFR (single family residences) and an increase… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Self-Discipline: The Backbone of Your Trading

Max had had enough, and in the words of the movie “Network” he was “mad as hell and he wasn’t going to take it anymore!” Max had taken several Futures classes from some very good instructors. He had a trade plan, and he had been told that it was fairly comprehensive. He knew the importance… Read More »

India Markets

Where Do I Start?

I am in London this week, teaching a Professional Forex Trader Course at the Online Trading Academy center here. A student asked me a question that I often hear repeated in most classes, “Now that I have taken the course, what do I do next?” Taking the course is the easy part, putting what you… Read More »