Lessons from the Pros

Aug 7, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

Think and Trade Like an Institution

For an individual to find success short-term or long-term trading in the financial markets, it is important to stop thinking and trading like a retail trader and investor, and start thinking and trading like an institution. Read More »


Apple of My Eye

Recent activity in Apple’s stock is a prime example of why news should not drive trading decisions and why following the crowd is dangerous. Brandon reviews the current situation with Apple. Read More »


What To Do at an Intersection

Rick’s article focuses on trading where supply and demand intersect a clean trendline. He reviews two basic schools of thought on how to draw in trendlines and what they have in common. Read More »


Common Sense

This week Josip discusses six common sense actions based on both implied volatility and the market’s trend direction. He first looks at bullish scenarios and then bearish ones. Read More »

India Markets

Riding the Nifty Roller Coaster

If you think it has been difficult to trade the movements in the Nifty and individual stocks recently, you are right. Brandon discusses what to do when the trend is not readily identifiable. Read More »