Lessons from the Pros

Aug 21, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

Inside the Mind of an XLT Trader

After receiving numerous questions about a trade discussed in a recent article, Sam shares further details. He examines the psychology of what made the trade (and many other trades) work. Read More »


Move Away

Moving averages are an average of closing prices over a period of time. Brandon explains how traders can use moving averages to get clues to the strength of the trend. Read More »


Quantity vs. Quality

This week Rick discusses a common misconception that many new traders have. He also suggests a progression of trades that can help traders to avoid overtrading. Read More »


Comparing Bear Call Spreads

Josip discusses four different short vertical calls spreads on the same underlying and explains how to distinguish which of them is the most suitable. He explores time durations, strike price selection, and risk exposure. Read More »

India Markets

Volatility, an Odds Enhancer?

Volatility is a measurement of how far the price of a security might move in the future. Brandon explains how volatility can be used as an odds enhancer when deciding potential price action of the markets. Read More »

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