Lessons from the Pros

Jul 31, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

Intervention and Opportunity

Last week, a major voice for the European banking system announced that they would do whatever needed to “save the euro.” Sam shares his thoughts on the situation and what it means for traders. Read More »


A Future Look?

Brandon was recently asked by a student why prices on some ETF’s do not always reach supply or demand before turning sharply. He answers this question by explaining ETF’s and using examples. Read More »


Definitely, Maybe…

Trading and investing with consistency can be a daunting task, though essentially a simple one. Sam explains how factors like emotion, doubt and impatience often affect novice and even seasoned traders. Read More »


Adjusting Iron Condors Based on the Current Bias

This article addresses adjusting an Iron Condor based on changing bias. Josip utilizes an example of a live trade and how it evolves from a simple Iron Condor to a more complex “Condor within the Condor” type of trade. Read More »


Conventional “Wisdumb”

Conventional thinking when it comes to the financial markets is long on convention but short on wisdom. Gabe explains that much of this conventional wisdom is actually unfounded, and therefore “wisdumb.” Read More »

India Markets

Practice Patience

A successful trader is one who picks their battles and only takes trades with high probability of success. Brandon explains how traders must be disciplined and trade with patience to truly be successful in these volatile markets. Read More »

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