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Jul 3, 2012 Issue

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Great Question

Given that many short-term traders lose money and most long-term investors never come close to achieving their long-term financial goals, Sam gives an honest opinion of conventional chart patterns and indicators from the world of technical analysis. Read More »

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Newer traders sometimes struggle when trying to identify supply and demand zones. This week Brandon demonstrates a method to identify potential turning points in the markets: floor trader pivot points. Read More »

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Seeking Safety

There has been a large increase in volatility in the markets lately, as prices have been subject to large swings in both upward and downward directions. Brandon addresses the question: What is the safe haven that we should seek for our investments? Read More »

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Some Questions I Need to Answer

This week Sam shares an email from a reader that poses an interesting question. In his answer, he addresses some common misunderstandings that many people have about trading and the life of a trader in general. Read More »

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The Strategic Bias

Having a strategy that profits in all market environments is critical for long-term success. Gabe explains how timing the market requires that traders take a directional bias, which he calls a strategic bias. Read More »

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A Mastermind Group Can Catapult Your Progress

Having and being a part of a learning community or mastermind group can be a real asset to your trading. Dr. Woody outlines several core processes that can support such a group: Capability, Commitment, Contribution, Continuity, and Collaboration. Read More »

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