Lessons from the Pros

Jul 24, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

Open Your Eyes

Being aware of the simple things in life is important in order to achieve desirable outcomes. Sam discusses how traders need to pay close attention to the simple supply and demand information the market is always conveying. Read More »


Ticked Off

A tick chart differs from a normal candlestick chart in that it is not time-based, but is based on number of trades or volume of trades. Brandon explains how traders can use tick charts to their benefit. Read More »


What Are Bond Yields Telling Us?

What are bonds and what are they telling us about individual countries today? Rick answers these questions and addresses the situation in Germany in particular. Read More »


Importance of Diversification

Josip addresses the importance of diversification among instruments when trading options. Although there can be various types of diversification, including using different option strategies, he focuses on diversification among underlying products. Read More »

Real Estate

Use a Wrap-Around Loan to Get the Deal Done

In today’s real estate investing environment it’s important to have many ways to get a deal done. This week Diana focuses on a financing technique known as an “All Inclusive Deed of Trust,” also called a wrap-around loan. Read More »

India Markets

Support/Resistance vs. Demand/Supply

Online Trading Academy graduates know the importance of reading price, and center their trading decisions on trend and supply and demand. This week Brandon examines the difference between the terms: support/resistance and demand/supply. Read More »