Lessons from the Pros

Jul 17, 2012 Issue

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The All Star Entry

The key to selling anything for a profit is to sell to a novice buyer who does not know or understand real value. Sam shares a simple rules-based market timing strategy that focuses on buying from and selling to novice traders. Read More »

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This week Brandon reviews the brokerage process to illustrate how and why supply and demand works. He explains how sometimes not all orders get filled and what these “leftovers” can offer to educated traders. Read More »

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Expanding Our Forex Horizons

If you are doing what every other trader is doing, how can you ever expect to step beyond the confines of the zero-sum game? Sam offers insight into how proactive traders should look to expand their thinking in their trading activities. Read More »

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The Human Element

The human element is something that can never be discounted in financial markets. Gabe explains how knowing the ways humans react to losing money and making profits is critical to be able to make money trading. Read More »

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The Open Explained

There is much volatility surrounding the open of the equity markets in any country or any exchange. Brandon explains how the Indian exchanges have recognized the volatility that this influx of order flow can create and have taken steps to reduce the dangers associated with it. Read More »