Lessons from the Pros

Jun 19, 2012 Issue

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Private: Have You Been Brainwashed?

With so much education available on how to properly speculate in markets, why is it that most people lose money? How can this be? Sam explores the answer in this article. Read More »

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Option Charting

The more knowledgeable you are about multiple asset classes, the more opportunities you’ll find. Increase your odds of success with stock options charting. Read More »

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The Commitment of Traders report provides information on the open interest of futures contracts. Brandon reviews the COT and how it can be used to assist in trading decisions. Read More »

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The Reasons Why We Struggle

The prospect of making money on a daily basis simply by clicking a few buttons is highly attractive to the vast majority of people, yet so many fail time after time. Sam explores why this is. Read More »

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Are You Trading Deliberately?

In most dictionaries, “deliberate” is defined as “carefully thought out, slow, and methodical.” When thinking about your trading, is it deliberate? This week Gabe discusses the key elements for deliberate trading. Read More »

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Making Patterns of Thinking Work for You

Are you plagued by out of control behaviors? Have you said over and over that you won’t move a stop, or trade without a plan, or chase a trade, only to do that very thing again and again? Dr. Woody explains how to identify and overcome these patterns. Read More »