Lessons from the Pros

Jun 12, 2012 Issue

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Out-Thinking Your Competition

This week Sam explains how important it is to have a competitive edge when putting your money at risk in the markets. He shares a key example of how having a trading edge can’t be obtained by reading a trading book. Read More »

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False Breakout and Reverse Thrust

After seeing much excitement lately about trading silver, Brandon weighs in. He cautions traders about jumping in too soon to trades and failing to look at multiple time frames to confirm entry. Read More »

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Trading the Pre-Market?

This week Brandon answers a question from a reader regarding pre-market trading and gives his views. He reveals several dangers of trading in the pre-market and shares examples. Read More »

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How to Eat an Elephant

Rick’s article this week has one primary goal: to teach you patience. He discusses the importance of setting realistic expectations and time frames when it comes to trading. Read More »

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Are You Trading to Win?

Have you ever experienced doubt, worry, fear, or any other negative emotions that can sideswipe trading results? Dr. Woody discusses how you can learn to manage emotions in order to maintain focus while trading. Read More »