Lessons from the Pros

May 8, 2012 Issue

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Trend Change

Newer traders are always looking for assistance in identifying the trend of a market or an individual stock. This week, Brandon shows one way to know when the trend may be changing so you can adjust the types of trades you will take. Read More »

Featured Article

Buy the Rumor…Sell the Fact?

Traders need to make sure they trade based on logic and not emotion. Brandon shares a prime example of where those who let greed take over their judgment were caught chasing price last week when rumors emerged about Coke buying Monster.
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Trading Forex at the New York Open

“Trading is Simple – but it is not Easy.” This week, Sam looks into just how simple trading should be, showing the advantages of “set and forget” and using the time of day as an odds enhancer. Read More »

Real Estate Article

Housing Finance – The Government vs. the Private Sector

Keeping real estate investors up on the latest happenings, this week Diana shares an upcoming refinancing program that the FHA is hoping will help three million homeowners. She also looks at how private industry is trying to create housing finance reform. Read More »

Featured Article

Changing Your Results

Are you engaging in default trading? Caught in a negative trader trance? Dr. Woody describes what these common problems entail and how you can instead connect with your highest and best trader through becoming aware of your issues. Read More »