Lessons from the Pros

May 30, 2012 Issue

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The Profit Zone

For any trader, one of the most important pieces of supply and demand analysis is knowing the objective profit zone on a given trade. Sam shares an example of how to use this analysis to attain a low-risk, high-reward, and high probability trade. Read More »

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After being asked whether the Indian economy may fall into a recession, Brandon examines the current state of the stock market and the economy for signs of a true recession. He reviews the definitions of a bear market, a bull market, and stagflation. Read More »

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Why Are You Still Watching That Level?

An experienced trader often has excess “baggage” that must be dumped before they can truly begin to excel at trading. Rick identifies some common types of “baggage” and how to overcome them. Read More »

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Placing an OCO on Option Trades

“How do you enter a stop loss for a complex trade such as an Iron Condor?” This week Josip addresses this question and demonstrates the process step by step. Read More »

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Risk Management Graduate

Risk management is something every trader must master before they can expect to become successful. Don reviews three market environments that a trader must experience firsthand to assess their risk management skills. Read More »