Lessons from the Pros

May 22, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

The Great One

In this week’s article Sam recalls memories of growing up watching Wayne Gretzky, “The Great One.” He describes how a mental edge in the game of hockey can be applied to trading. Read More »

Featured Article

Cycling, Another Odds Enhancer

The markets and individual securities routinely fall into cycles that are measurable and predictable. Brandon explains how to identify a stock’s cycle in order to have a higher probability for trading in the right direction. Read More »

Featured Article

Where We Are and Where We Are Going

With news emerging from Europe and China on a daily basis that constantly changes investor sentiment, what are traders to do? Brandon reminds us of the importance of trading with the trend. Read More »

Featured Article

Do You Really Need the Futures?

This week Sam discusses some important aspects that traders should consider before moving their FX trading to the futures market. He reminds us to use logic and objective reasoning when choosing which asset class to trade. Read More »

Options Article

Ratio Spread – Calls

After being bombarded with questions about ratio spreads in class, Josip explains an advanced option strategy in detail: the Call Ratio Spread. Read More »

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