Lessons from the Pros

May 15, 2012 Issue

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A Key Odds Enhancer, Often Overlooked

All market speculators share the same goal: enjoy consistent low risk profits. This week Sam identifies a specific and crucial rule that is missing from many traders’ plans that may be keeping them from accomplishing this goal. Read More »

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Fail to Plan

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Brandon discusses how true this statement is when it comes to trading, and how to avoid failure by having an overall trading plan that details how to trade and protect capital. Read More »

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Back to the Basics

Though learning advanced trading tactics may enhance a newer trader’s ability, Brandon reminds us that keeping trading as simple as possible is ultimately the best strategy when making decisions. Read More »

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Double Diagonals: Advanced

With implied volatility at very low levels in April, Double Diagonals was one of the valid options strategies that traders could have used. Josip walks us through the details of a recent Double Diagonal trade on XEO. Read More »

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Cheese or Wine? Your Choice

When a trader starts to trade stocks with less volume, they may run into problems with trade execution due to liquidity. This week Don explores the question: “How do we know if a market is liquid enough to trade?” Read More »

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What Matters Most

When you are aiming to master your mental game, it is important to support your ability to focus on “what matters most” in the trade. In this week’s article Dr. Woody Johnson looks at this statement and considers its components. Read More »