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Apr 24, 2012 Issue

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Profit Margin

One of the most important things to consider when speculating in markets is profit margin. Using an example trade from the Extended Learning Track, Sam shows that the profit margin is the distance in price between the entry point and the profit target price, which is also the distance between demand and supply. Although there may be many supply and demand levels, only the ones with the highest profit margin should be considered in order to enhance the odds for success. Read More »

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Flying in the Markets

There are a lot of parallels we can draw from things we see in our everyday lives and trading. In this article Brandon likens the stalling of a bullish or bearish trend to the stalling of an airplane whose wings are at the incorrect angle. Read More »

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The Source of the Pain

A lot of struggling traders will try to switch from trading stocks to trading another asset class, because they feel that if they cannot successfully trade stocks, they may have better luck with trading forex, options, or futures. This week Brandon warns that jumping ship to another asset class without first fixing the problem can lead to disastrous results. He details 3 steps that will help struggling traders to identify and fix the source of their trading pain. Read More »

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Dodging the Emotional Pitfalls of Forex

Be it emotional or physical in nature, both pleasure and pain are felt and recognized in us all and if as traders we allow our experiences of pleasure and pain to influence our judgment and actions in trading, we will soon find the door of failure slamming firmly in our face. This week Sam shares 3 simple strategies to help you keep the emotions out of your trading. Read More »

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More Commissions and More Risk: Final Part

Can one less trading day make the difference in an Iron Condor on the weekly options? Josip finalizes his series on this strategy comparing the cash settled Index RUT with the ETF equivalent IWM. Read More »

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Battle of the Commodity Exchanges

Over the past several years the Commodity Futures Exchanges have seen many mergers and one new Exchange arrival, in an attempt to maintain a competitive marketplace. This week Don reviews the storied past of the Futures markets and comments on new Futures products just announced. Read More »

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Too Many Good Things are Happening to not Get on the Band Wagon

There are several very positive signs that the housing market is truly stabilizing. This week Diana introduces us to the First American Improving Markets Index (IMI), created to measure the improvement in local housing markets using three key economic indicators. This index clearly helps identify the difference between what is happening nationally versus local markets, and the results are positive. Read More »

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Trading in Alignment with Yourself Means Trading Your Best

Being in alignment with yourself can also be described as thinking, feeling and doing in a way that resonates with the reality of the charts and optimizes all of your internal and external resources. This week Dr. Woody challenges you to determine if you are out of alignment and encourages you to look inside to discover how to achieve better alignment and thus increase the chances of reaching your goals. Read More »

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