Lessons from the Pros

Mar 6, 2012 Issue

Specialty Skills Article

Language – It Defines Your Trading Reality

There are far too many people who continue to do the same thing and expect different results in their trading and in their lives. In order for you to get different results, Dr. Woody discusses how you’ve got to change your language. Read More »

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Why Futures Margins Change

This week Don defines what margins are, why they change and he looks at some of the policies affecting margins on Futures products. Read More »

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What is Your Trading Style?

One of the most asked questions by traders is, “Which time frame should I look at?” It depends on your trading style. In this week’s article, Rick will ask some questions to help you figure out your own trading style. Read More »

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Measuring Momentum

Brandon takes a look at a way to get a second opinion on the strength of a trend using a momentum indicator like the Average Directional Indicator (ADX). While no one indicator will always work, by focusing on only using them to confirm entries and exits based on price levels, you may have a use for the ADX to assist you in measuring momentum. Read More »

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Market Manipulation in Action

Brandon takes a look at the manipulation of market prices by means of pinning. He defines what this is, gives you an example of what it looks like and gives you some advice on how to recognize it and what to do when this happens. Read More »

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Smart Trading and Smart Living

Smart trading means keeping things simple and smart living means not spending all day at your computer as life is way too short for that. Sam gives you an example of this as he goes over some trades from the Extended Learning Track (XLT) program in hopes that you will get closer to having a solid understanding of how proper trading and markets work. Read More »