Lessons from the Pros

Mar 20, 2012 Issue

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comparing shopping style

Sam shares some answers to questions recently asked by students covering topics related to supply and demand levels and how to use them in your trading. Read More »

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Pegging the Fundamentals

Many traders in India still rely on fundamental analysis in order to select their stocks to trade. While Brandon believes that fundamental analysis can be useful, it is not needed for short term trading. However, if you are planning to hold a position longer than a few months, then an understanding of the company’s health may be useful. Read More »

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Chart Patterns: Good Trading or False Prophecy?

Brandon reminds us that if we want to trade like professionals, that means we must think like a professional. Instead of blindly following chart patterns, we should never stray away from our focus on the trend and supply and demand zones for our entries and exits into trades. Read More »

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Clear As Mississippi Mud

This week Don sheds some light on futures charts, as there are several ways to plot any one Commodity Futures contract. Read More »

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The Three D Process: An Important Way to Keep Your Trading On Target

Traders can get caught in a spiral of issues that are driven by a bad pattern of thinking, believing, negative emotions and inconsistency, which leads to losses in their trading accounts. Dr. Woody introduces a practice called the Three “D” Process which can root out the limiting beliefs and a pattern of success to develop. Read More »