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Mar 13, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

The Two Hour Trader

Sam explains how to take care of your trading day in two hours. The key is knowing what the picture of institutional demand and supply looks like on a price chart, understanding the simple rules of the strategy, and having two hours in the morning to execute the analysis and strategy. Read More »

Featured Article

Trend Indication

Moving averages are a useful trading tool when used properly. Although most traders use only the closing price on their moving average, Brandon shares a tip regarding using both the open and closing price moving averages to help identify the strength of a trend and also to act as a trade entry filter. Read More »

Featured Article

The Silence Between the Notes

This week Sam explains how people mistakenly think that truly profitable trading is the result of hours at the screen and high frequency trading activity. He applies a concept from music to this errant thinking: “It is the silence between the notes that makes the music.” He explains how the trades we don’t take are often more key to our ongoing success than the ones we do take. Read More »

Featured Article

Trading Options on the ES or the SPX

Should a trader trade options on the S&P 500 futures or the S&P 500 cash-settled index? After searching for that answer himself, Josip discusses his conclusions that will be very useful for the option trader who may be trying to select one of these vehicles to trade. Josip also gives his current market outlook using technical analysis. Read More »

Featured Article

The Path to Becoming a Master Trader

Don explains that a master trader uses both sides of his or her brain to make confident and successful trading decisions. This will take time to practice, but if you apply yourself you can master this challenge of trading. Read More »

Real Estate Article

Affordable Fixer Uppers

With all the fixers available, how can you afford to buy one and have the money to fix it up? Diana discusses how 203(k) loans can be used for this purpose. Read More »

Specialty Skills Article

Your Ego Can Get Your Trading Into Trouble

According to Dr. Woody, your ego is not your amigo. This week he covers how trading with your highest and best interests in mind is critical to your success. This hinges on promoting a mindset that uses mental and emotional tools and techniques that are designed to shake you out of the self-sabotaging delusion that ego-driven trading can create. Read More »

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