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Feb 7, 2012 Issue

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Are Calls and Puts Equal?

Many times the issue comes up as to whether calls and puts are truly equal. Rather than simply giving the answer, several points will be presented in order to lead the reader to draw their own conclusion. First, let us look at the option chain… Read More »

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What Did I Miss? Did I Do Something Wrong?

Hello traders! In a recent Online Trading Academy class I was teaching, a new student/novice trader was silently staring at his screen with a perplexed look on his face. “Jim” has been aware of the markets for a long time, and had made a couple of stock trades – mainly he was a mutual fund Read More »

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Back to the Future Redo?

A lot of TV air time was recently spent on the famed Golden Cross of the S&P 500 Index and how it may predict a long term rally in the markets for 2012. The golden cross is when the 50 day simple moving average crosses above the 200 day simple moving average. It is considered by many to be a buying signal and usher of bull markets…. Read More »

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Brick by Brick – Part 2

Last week we discussed the use of renko charts as a way to reduce market noise and maximize trading profits. This week, we will dig deeper into the use of renko in our trading. Looking at a renko chart versus a typical candlestick chart, you can see how not viewing small pullbacks could keep you Read More »

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Should I Incorporate?

One of the most common questions traders ask me is: should I incorporate? Then there are the follow up questions about which entity is the best one: LLC, Corporation, S-Corporation or perhaps a partnership. What state should it be in? Delaware or maybe Nevada? Should I include my spouse as an owner? Do I need Read More »

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The Time Factor

One thing I have paid close attention to in my many years of writing articles is making sure I did not spend much time writing about concepts and strategies that everyone else writes and talks about. If I did, there would be no point in reading the article. To accomplish this, however, means suggesting ideas, Read More »

Real Estate

Condominiums – The Best Fit and the Best Value

I spoke at an Online Trading Academy Wealth Management Event last week. At the event, there was a question about buying condominiums as an investment. The question is a good one, but it wasn’t one that could be answered quickly. So, I thought I’d use this week’s article as the opportunity to provide the pros Read More »


Probabilities Win Again

As many of you know, my preference for swing trading Commodity Futures are Seasonal Spreads. I have found these to be more reliable and less manipulated than trading outright Futures. Perhaps because we don’t place physical stops in the Spread markets, we don’t experience the volatility of market participants running stops. Mostly, the reason is Read More »

Specialty Skills

Develop a Positive Trader Trance

Have you ever emerged from a trading session in a fog and found yourself looking over the trading carnage of violated rule after violated rule and heard yourself say, “Who made those trades?” And, as the fog lifted, it became clear that you had been trading like a crazy person? It was like someone or Read More »