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Feb 28, 2012 Issue

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The Other Benefits of Forex Trading

As many of the regular readers of these articles already know, I like to write about as many different aspects of Currency trading as possible, from creating a rule-based strategy, aspects of Technical Analysis, Supply and Demand, psychology and more. However, as I always tell anyone interested in gaining a firm grasp of the financial Read More »

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Looking Back

In the Professional Trader courses at Online Trading Academy, we discuss how to properly identify the strongest supply and demand zones. One of the criteria for our entry into a trade is that the supply or demand zone we are planning to enter on should be “fresh.” This means that it should not have been Read More »

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India Outlook Update

At the beginning of January, I wrote an article where I examined the current trends in the India markets and discussed the potential future movements for 2012. I have received several emails from people stating how wrong my analysis was on the equity markets and that I missed out on an excellent bullish opportunity. I Read More »

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The Logic of Levels

Supply and demand is not a new concept. Adam Smith wrote of it extensively in many of his publications including his prized work entitled, “The Wealth of Nations.” There are many theories regarding how and what effects supply and demand. The entire goal of this quest is to figure out where price is going. Just Read More »


Short Verticals Selection by the ATR

This Lesson from the Pros is solely aimed at one and one purpose only: Selection of short verticals based on the current reading of the Average True Range. Although there are other ways to select which leg to sell versus which leg to buy, we are going to focus on the ATR as our determining Read More »


Convenience Comes at a Cost

Many Futures traders often face that decision of just how bad they want to get in or out of a market position. Sometimes they realize that the market did not trade at their price targets and the price appears to be leaving without them. Other times a market might be making an adverse move against Read More »

Real Estate

Different Vehicles for Investing in Real Estate

Did you know you can invest in real estate and it can be completely hands-off? No late night calls or clogged toilets. If you want to balance your portfolio with real estate and are looking for the benefits of real estate ownership without any of the responsibilities or hassles, then these vehicles are for you: Read More »

Specialty Skills

The Order Flow is All Important to Your Trading Success

Have you ever noticed the price action rising like a rocket in an extended rally or plummeting in an extended sell-off? If you’ve been trading for any length of time, the answer of course would be yes. Ahh, but the more important question is, how did you respond? If you are a novice, you probably Read More »

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