Lessons from the Pros

Dec 26, 2012 Issue

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The Minefield Garden

The day someone decides they are going to pursue a trading, they are typically making that decision because of the potential financial prize. In other words, they are making that decision because of the perceived benefit, not the risk and effort it takes to achieve the benefit, and that all makes sense. After all, no… Read More »


Time and Target

In our Professional Trader courses at Online Trading Academy, we teach our students to stay away from the danger zones of the market. One of these danger zones includes the opening 15-20 minutes of the trading day. There is a saying, “Amateurs open the market and professionals close it.” The opening period (9:30AM EST to Read More »


Who Likes Their Time To Be Wasted?

Hello traders! Have you ever had one of those weeks, or months even, where everything seemed to go your way? Nearly every trade made you money, you even considered adding to trades as they continued in the trend? It seemed as though the trading gods had suddenly given you all of the knowledge that until… Read More »


Straddles and Strangles and Stuff, Oh My

Last week I wrote about a situation where we believed that the price of an ETF (XLF) was likely to move quite a bit, but we were unsure of the direction (and we believed that the ETF’s Implied Volatility (IV) was likely to rise). I mentioned that we’d look at two alternative strategies that are… Read More »


Equity Index Futures Daily Price Limits

When trading Futures contracts a trader must be aware of daily price limits for the markets they are trading. There are different types of price limits in different Futures markets. Some Futures contracts have a daily price limit while some have a circuit breaker. That said, not all Futures contracts have daily price limits. Some Read More »

Real Estate

Last Minute Things You Can Do to Help your 2012 Tax Return

Why is our real estate expert Diana, talking to us about taxes? Even though I’ve spent the last 23 years as a real estate investor and educator, my career began with a degree in accounting and a five-year assignment to the tax department of a national accounting firm. One of the sections that I… Read More »

Specialty Skills

You Can Only Be and Trade In the NOW

She had experienced a string of losers, three to be exact, and the tension in her trading office hung in the air like black velvet curtains in a funeral home. The first trade of the day had been a small winner but it was dampened by the fact that Sherry had exited prematurely, robbing herself… Read More »