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Nov 27, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

The Cycle of “IT” – Part IV

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving, as we all know, is the one day of the year where we all reflect on what we are thankful for and the really important things in life, love and family. It is a day where most people really take time to understand how fortunate we… Read More »


How Long

Another common question I get from students is: “How long should it take me to become successful in trading?” This has always been an extremely difficult, if not impossible question to answer. The reason is that everyone is different. We all have different abilities and also define success very differently. In a student’s progression from… Read More »


Free Your Mind…

Hello traders! This week’s topic is, again, on the somewhat difficult side. In every Online Trading Academy class that I teach, the topic of the fundamental strength of world economies comes up. Even though our class’ main purpose is to teach you how to look at charts and earn a few pips from the moves… Read More »


Even More Greeks

In the last two articles I discussed Delta and Gamma, which measure change to an option’s price resulting from a change in the price of the underlying. As listed earlier, the other Greeks measure the option price change due to the passage of time (Theta), and due to changes in implied volatility (Vega). Rho, the… Read More »


Futures Markets and Offsetting Price Risk

Futures markets exist for the purposes of price discovery (facilitation of trade) and transferring risk to counterparties (hedgers trading with speculators). The optimal condition for this price discovery is having a central Exchange where buyers and sellers can meet in a price-competitive environment. These Exchanges also create contract specifications and create rules that are… Read More »

Real Estate

To Defer or Not to Defer – That Could Be the Question….

I just finished teaching the Professional Real Estate Investor Class and one of my students had a great interest in learning about 1031 exchanges. I teach the ins and outs of a delayed exchange in the class, but thought I’d open up the topic to all my readers and give you something to think about… Read More »

India Markets

Higher Time Frames, Higher Probability

It is all too easy to get tunnel vision when it comes to trading. Often when a person trades, they will focus so much on the time frame on which they are identifying their trades that they fail to acknowledge the dangers that can affect their trade from a larger time frame. When looking to… Read More »