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Nov 20, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

It’s All In the Charts, If You Know What You’re Looking For

What I always find fascinating are all of the different ways people look at charts and all of the different pieces of information people try to attain from a price chart. With all the different schools of thought on money, markets, charts, and so on, what should we really be looking for in a price chart? I… Read More »


Pre and Post

A common question I receive while we are planning trades in the Extended Learning Track is whether or not I consider a supply or demand zone to be broken if prices happen to break it during a pre- or post-market trading session. For those of you who may not be aware, there is trading that… Read More »


Pick A Number, Any Number…

If you have been a regular reader of any of these Lessons from The Pros articles, you will without a doubt know that the education provided by Online Trading Academy is based around a consistent, rule-based strategy. We teach our students how to recognize low-risk and high-potential reward trades in the financial markets, all… Read More »


More Greeks

Last time I wrote about Delta, which is probably the best known of the Greeks. Wikipedia has a pretty good definition of these: “The Greeks measure the sensitivity to change of the option price under a slight change of a single parameter while holding the other parameters fixed. Formally, they are partial derivatives of the… Read More »

Real Estate

A Time to Give Back and Be Thankful

This has become a tradition for me at Thanksgiving: writing an article about one of my favorite charities, Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a charity that “gets it.” It’s not a handout, it’s a hand up. Here’s a little history about how Habitat was started: The concept that grew into Humanity International… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Change: Why Does It Have To Be So Difficult?

Debra winced hard as if her skin had been pierced by a deep dull needle…right through her heart. She had sworn over and over that she wouldn’t do it. But here she was, again caught in a web of self-induced seduction driven by greed and fear. “Why is it so hard?” she thought, as she… Read More »

India Markets

Strong or Weak Reversal?

At Online Trading Academy, we teach our traders how to use odds enhancers to increase their chances for success in the markets. In my articles, I try to offer additional assistance in identifying trading techniques that may help you. One of the things I learned through my studies of the markets is how to judge… Read More »

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