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Nov 13, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

Breakouts: Are They Working For You?

I have been in the trading business for over 15 years as a trader, fund manager, and trainer, beginning on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. While I feel like I have seen it all, the one thing that still surprises me is how most traders handle breakouts. Most traders seem to let emotion… Read More »


I Spent $6 Billion and All I Got Was the Same Government

Sounds like a great T-shirt logo. Except it is the sad truth. Now that the election is over, America begins its next chapter with many of the same problems looming. First and foremost is the “Fiscal Cliff” we are facing as a nation. For those of you wondering what the term “Fiscal Cliff” means, it… Read More »



Hello traders! Now that the U.S. presidential election is finally over and we can stop being bombarded with half-truth commercials every thirty seconds, we can now fully concentrate on trading. Whether or not your candidate “won” is irrelevant. Neither showed the slightest interest in addressing the true economic problems of the U.S. government, namely that… Read More »


Delta Gamma Theta Vega

This is not the name of an extra-geeky college fraternity. It’s a list of the greeks, a set of variables that describe how option prices change when certain things happen. Last time, I mentioned Delta in connection with the hedging of option positions. This week, we’ll cover Delta in more detail. Since options represent the… Read More »


Some Things Never Change

In the world of trading and investing you always hear about how the markets are constantly changing, and to some degree that’s true. However there is a certain fundamental truth about trading and investing that doesn’t change: the predictability of human behavior. When traders talk about changing markets they’re generally referring to the overall direction… Read More »

Real Estate

We Have Gone from Shadow Inventory to Record Low Inventory

A year ago every other article I read was about the “shadow inventory of foreclosures,” saying that when it hit the market the sky would fall. Well, the sky hasn’t fallen and inventory is very low. So low in fact, that homes are selling quickly and for higher prices. Inventory levels are low with a… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Emotional Pivots: They Can Be a Boon to Your Trading

“It happens every time,” Raymond seethed to himself. “Why do I freeze up just when the set-up is ready?” The price action on the ES E-Mini had just pierced the supply zone and a shooting star candle formation had presented itself at the top of an intraday rally on the 60-minute chart. Rather than place… Read More »

India Markets

Breaking Down the Door

As traders we are taught to buy in/near demand zones and sell in/near supply zones. The main thing that we must identify is whether or not the zone is likely to hold or break. We obviously do not want to enter a trade that is likely to be stopped out immediately. This is a waste… Read More »

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