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Oct 9, 2012 Issue

Featured Article

A Fresh Idea for an Old Problem

The “Double Bottom” is perhaps the most popular of all the conventional technical analysis setups. It is in nearly every trading book written dating back almost a century. I Googled the term and found 9,310,000 search results. With all the attention and popularity, everyone must be making a fortune with this trading setup. The problem… Read More »


But it Beat Earnings, Why Did the Price Drop?

October 9th is the earnings release date for Alcoa, Inc. This is considered to be the official start of the earnings season. This earnings season may be less impactful than past ones due to the upcoming Presidential Election. Regardless of the earnings impact on the markets, one of the core concepts we teach at Online… Read More »


What You Believe Is True

As of late, I have been making a conscious effort to reengage myself in my own personal development, away from the arena of trading. As far as speculation goes, it has become a simple process of following my rules, sticking to the plan I have in front of me and remaining patient and disciplined at… Read More »


Volatility – Buy It Low, Sell It High

The value of options depends on more than just the price of their underlying assets. This is what gives options a unique character among all tradable instruments. Whether we believe that the price of an asset will go up, down, sideways, or even if we have no opinion at all about price movement, there are… Read More »


The Trendiest Markets

Newer traders as well as veterans alike have been indoctrinated into the importance of “trend” when making buy and sell decisions. Traders that are strict about trading in the direction of the prevailing trend refer to themselves as “trend followers,” as they will wait for a trend to establish itself before making a trade. This… Read More »

Real Estate

“Either a Borrower or a Lender Be”

One section of the Professional Real Estate Investor class curriculum contains the concepts of using other people’s money (OPM). One of the greatest resources we have found for OPM is Self Directed IRA’s. In this article we are going to look at some basic guidelines for lending money out of a SD IRA. This is… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Change is a Matter of Doing Things Differently

Sheila knew she was in trouble, and no matter how long she stared at the monitor, the picture was the same. She had taken a huge hit to her portfolio – 20% in one trade and in one day! It’s not as though she was a complete novice, she had run into this type of issue… Read More »

India Markets

Reversing Roles

In Online Trading Academy courses, we are taught to buy in demand zones and sell in supply zones as the most effective way to trade. This is the simple part of trading, following rules. However, the difficult part is locating the best zones in which to make those trades. If you have attended one of… Read More »