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Oct 30, 2012 Issue

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Today’s piece will be short and sweet. It’s not that I don’t have time to write an article this week or don’t want to. It’s because I really don’t have much to say on today’s topic, and to make this simple point into a long drawn-out article would be wasting your time. I am going… Read More »


Buy and Hold is Not Your Future!

Most people have had a very cursory introduction to the financial markets. Their exposure to equities usually involves a 401k that they received from their job. The majority believes that the best way to invest in the markets is to put money into stocks or mutual funds and hold it there until they retire. This… Read More »


Relatively Speaking

Hello traders! I was a bit hesitant when considering this week’s Lessons from the Pros article, because the topic is very subjective. The difficulty lies in fully explaining the possible interpretations of the following chart, and how what could be a powerful tool for you may be misinterpreted if used improperly. If you are having… Read More »


Options for Newbies – Open Interest

In last week’s article called Market Makers and the Option Chain, which you can review here, I talked about option volume, and began discussing open interest. Volume is the number of contracts traded during a certain period of time. In any option chain, we can see the figures for the current day’s volume. Next to… Read More »

Real Estate

Housing is Playing a Key Role in the Election (Part I)

First, no matter your party affiliation or lack of one, it’s important that you vote. I know sometimes apathy kicks in and we feel that one vote won’t make a difference, but every vote counts. Voting isn’t just a right, it’s our duty. With that being said let’s take a look at how housing might… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trading is a Journey in Self-Discovery

I know a trader, let’s call him Leon. He day trades Futures. He has been actively trading for several years. His profits are erratic and undependable, often going dramatically up and down in the same session. When Leon is making money his confidence soars and he feels like he is a power trader. On the… Read More »

India Markets

How Much is Too Much?

The Educational Counselors at Online Trading Academy are an amazing resource that is largely underused. As a trader or investor, they are your first contact with our academy and are able to guide you through your financial education path. As an instructor, I rely on them to answer many student questions since I cannot always… Read More »

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