Lessons from the Pros

Oct 23, 2012 Issue

Featured Article


One thing I have paid close attention to in my many years of writing articles is making sure I do not spend much time writing about concepts and strategies that everyone else writes and talks about. If I did, there would be no point in reading my articles. To accomplish this, however, means suggesting ideas… Read More »


Color With Numbers

At Online Trading Academy, we teach trading. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a scalper or momentum trader to benefit from our education or even to benefit from understanding the data presented on Level 2 or TotalView. Understanding the supply and demand zones demonstrated by those tools will benefit swing and position traders… Read More »


So What’s Coming Next?

Never make the mistake of thinking that you will ever really know what will happen next in the market. Nobody walking the face of the earth knows exactly what is going to happen tomorrow, and the sooner I accepted that very fact, my personal trading results took a big turn for the better. This statement… Read More »


Market Makers and the Option Chain

Today we’ll talk about what the option chain can tell us about whether trading a particular option might be too costly, in the sense that the “markup” on it is too high. We know that the buyers of options acquire rights to purchase or to sell an underlying asset (which I’ll call “the stock”) on… Read More »

Real Estate

The Value of Mentorship

Once a year at Online Trading Academy we have the opportunity to get together at an annual conference held for the staff and leadership. It is a time to re-energize our professional skills and goals. One of the things I took away from the conference this year was a reminder of the value of mentors… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Private: Who Is Showing Up to Trade Your Account?

Tracy was still angry with her husband even though the argument happened last night. She thought that since she “slept on it” that things would look a little differently today…they didn’t. She and Bob had a good relationship, but sometimes “he could be so stubborn,” she thought to herself. In fact, her anger had caused… Read More »

India Markets

Is It Really That Simple?

I recently taught a Professional Trader class where a student had a sudden realization while doing some trading in the classroom. The student had read about some very technical and intricate systems for trading the markets and was overwhelmed and confused. Fortunately, he decided to abandon those systems and keep an open mind while learning… Read More »