Lessons from the Pros

Oct 2, 2012 Issue

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What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

We have all heard that line before but have you really lived through it? Have you experienced true financial loss at a level where you didn’t know where or if you would get the money for that next mortgage payment or even that next meal? Have you gone through a divorce and lost your family… Read More »


Base or Break

I recently received an email from a student that I would like to answer in this week’s article. “Brandon, I recently completed the OTA Online Basics Concept Course and enjoyed it very much. I am a day trader who only trades long because I have a cash account. I use the daily to determine trend…
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How Are You Getting In?

Hello traders! In my last Lessons from the Pros article, we discussed the tendency of many new traders to “chase” trades, that is enter well after the optimal entry level. This week I’d like to expand on a slightly different way to enter your trade. You may have heard the old trading phrase that goes… Read More »


Options for Newbies – Part 3

This is installment 3 in our “Options for Newbies” series. In this series I’m going through the subject of options in the most basic way, to help give those new to options a starting point. Even if you’re a veteran, these articles may give you a deeper understanding of some aspects of options.

Say what?? What does this have to do with options? Well, to a beginner, the subject of options is huge, mysterious, and can make your eyes water. In this series, we’re peeling away at that onion, one layer at a time.
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Specialty Skills

The Importance of Tracking Your Trades

His thoughts raced and he still felt the remnants of the pounding in his chest. “Wow,” he thought, “That could have been disastrous.” Kevin had taken a loss, but he actually found himself feeling upbeat and positive. Just weeks before he would have kicked his desk while hurling expletives at himself, the market, his platform… Read More »

India Markets

Choosing What to Trade

Knowing how to trade is only part of the battle. When tackling the equity markets, we also need to figure out what to trade. There are a lot of stocks available on the NSE and the BSE. Traders need a set of rules to filter out dangerous stocks and find the ones that will offer… Read More »