Lessons from the Pros

Oct 16, 2012 Issue


To Average or Not to Average?

Anyone who has had a retail brokerage account is likely familiar with the term “dollar cost averaging.” The original definition of dollar cost averaging, or DCA, is “a regular investment of equal amounts at regular periods of time.” It would be as if you bought $1,000 worth of shares of a security every month for… Read More »


Are Your Pairs Fighting Each Other?

Hello traders! So you’ve read numerous Lessons from the Pros newsletters, been to an Online Trading Academy class or three, watched the Hour with the Pros archived videos, watched archived Extended Learning Track videos, and watched dozens of those XLT’s live. Your trading plan is robust, perhaps 6 or 8 pages long. Anytime you send… Read More »


Options for Newbies – Happy Can’t Buy Moneyness

This is another in our series called Options for Newbies. In this series, I’m explaining options from the ground up. Even if you’re a veteran, these articles may give you a deeper understanding of some aspects of options than you had before. In options, there is an important concept called “moneyness.” It’s central to our… Read More »


Simplifying Continuous Futures Charts

Is that possible? I have written many articles about charting Futures contracts and the issues facing traders with continuous charting. Charting a market that has expirations is bad enough, but charting markets without an industry standard is really challenging. It is beyond me why the Futures industry charting platforms have not standardized the way we Read More »

Real Estate

Understanding What an Appraisal Is and How to Prepare For It

If you are purchasing real estate (or have in the past) you’ve heard the word “appraisal.” Whether you are on the buying or selling side, the appraisal will have an impact. I have found there is a lot of confusion about what an appraisal is, how it affects a transaction and what kind of control… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Are You Trading Not to Lose?

The opening bell just sounded and you are putting on a trade. You’ve got your plan established…you’ll buy the demand level on the 60 minute chart of the NQ E-mini that you analyzed yesterday. The price action on the Globex chart is confirming the plan with an overnight low that coincides with the demand level… Read More »

India Markets

It’s Their Playground

One thing that is universally true about the financial markets worldwide is that they are set up for the large institutional traders to benefit. Often this benefit is at the detriment of the individual investor or retail trader. Such an example happened on Friday, October 5th when a trader supposedly made a mistake when entering… Read More »