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Jan 24, 2012 Issue

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The Now of the Trade is Where the Power is

Trading can be a very challenging endeavor indeed; and one of the variables that makes trading so difficult are the emotions that become activated in the process. The reason why emotions become so involved is because with every tick of the market while you are in a trade, you are either gaining or losing “money.” Read More »

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New and Existing Legislation that Helps and Hurts Housing

Washington, DC and its policy makers can make any business person crazy. In the last couple of months, there have been actions taken that will help investors, hurt new home buyers and help existing home buyers. We’ll start with some positive news for investors. The FHA will continue to waive the Anti-Flipping Rule through the Read More »

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Natural Gas – Wealth Builder or Widow Maker?

Occasionally, a Commodity offers prices to investors at a deep discount. Many times, there is a reason for a market to be cheaply priced, and we would do well to keep shorting that market. We have all seen a stock that was trading for $80 per share and weeks later, see it trading for $15. Read More »

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In this article, I will compare two trades; one mine, and one from a trader who shared his trade with me asking for my take on it. The trades were very similar in a sense that the underlying products were optionable and they both had weekly options listed. They also both had individual strike prices Read More »

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How Big are You Going?

Hello traders! One of the main topics of conversation that I have with new traders or students at Online Trading Academy is about the quest for trading’s Holy Grail. While most are interested in a combination of technical analysis studies with supply/demand and a trend indicator or three, the actual Holy Grail is none of Read More »

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Tools of the Trade

We need to be properly prepared for trading the markets. Often, when we lose money in a trade, it is because we were surprised from something that could have been seen beforehand. If we plan properly and use the right tools to trade, we should be able to achieve success. So, what are the tools Read More »

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Trend Warnings

In our trading courses, we emphasize the importance of watching the indexes such as the Nifty and the Sensex as an influence for our trades on individual stocks. Many novice traders mistakenly believe that if they just chart their stock, they have done the necessary research. The truth is that the direction of the broad Read More »

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Introducing OTA Tax Pros

Online Trading Academy has educated thousands of people on how to trade the markets and now is launching OTA Tax Pros, Inc. to serve all traders in their complex tax needs. We are excited to provide exceptional tax service to all traders. We will provide you with strategies and techniques that will increase your cash Read More »

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Two Key Odds Enhancers for Any Trader

In our advanced online education program, the Extended Learning Track (XLT), one of the very first lessons we teach is on “Odds Enhancers.” This is because it is a critical part of identifying the proper trading opportunity. After all, what trading and investing ultimately comes down to are two things: Where do I get in Read More »

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